Battling with a certain problem or skin condition? We have various treatments available to you that can help address your particular cosmetic problem.

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Anti-Aging Solutions

Anti-Aging Treatments

Restore aging skin and regenerating processes that keeps your skin healthy and young. We have certified doctors & dermatologists to ensure you get the best possible treatment and advice.


  • Threads & Botox
  • Injectables & Fillers
  • Derm Pen - Skin Needling
  • Medical Peels
  • Laser & Cryo Therapy
  • PRP Treatment
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Skin Pigmentation Treatments

General skin care products

Experiencing irregular pigmentation on your skin? We have treatments to help with irregular skin pigmentation, dark spots or patches on the skin.

A variety of skin conditions can cause abnormal skin pigmentation. Contact us for professional help, and advice on which treatments will be the best for your skin condition.


  • Medical Chemical Peels
  • Derma Pen (Skin Needling)
  • PRP Treatment
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Acne Control Treatments

Acne Treatments

Acne can be difficult to get rid of! Not every treatment will work for an individual as there are many different factors of the skin to consider.

We have outlined some treatments that help reduce and clear acne. For more severe cases please contact us directly for available options that may not appear in this treatment category.


  • Medical Chemical Peels
  • PRP Treatment
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Weight Loss & Body Contouring

Skin Reduction Treatments

Battling to get rid of excess weight or skin? Opera provides doctor driven weight loss programs and supplements to help you effectively lose weight. Tuck & tighten loose body skin & get rid of unwanted cellulite.


  • Slender Wonder
  • Lipoless
  • Venus Swan
  • Body Threads
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Permanent Make-up

Permanent Make-up

Permanent make-up is not just a beauty treatment. It’s an art! We have a master phibrow artist who provides all permanent make-up procedures for lips, brows and eyes.


  • Microblading Eyebrows
  • Eyeliner
  • Lipliner & Shading
  • Correctional Procedures
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Medical Cosmetic Treatments

Medical Cosmetic Treatments

Medical cosmetic treatments are provided by our certified and experienced doctors, who after having analysed your situation will give the best treatment moving forward for your skin condition.


  • Spot & Mole Removal
  • Excessive Underarm Sweating
  • Facial Veins Treatment
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Chemical Peel Treatments

Chemical Peel Treatment Image

Revitalise and exfoliate your skin. We have a wide range of soft and deep chemical peels that are perfect for tightening and improving the appearance of wrinkle & fine lines.

Depending on the result you are looking for, please contact us to find out which medical chemical peels will be best suited. A consultation may be necessary to analyse the skin using our Vizio machine.


  • Soft Chemical Peels
  • Deep Chemical Peels
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Hair Loss Treatments

A wide range of treatments for treating hair loss. With the advances made in research and the technology of hair loss treatments. At Opera Aesthetics we keep up to date and provide cutting-edge hair loss treatments that are backed up by science and use the bodies natural healing processes to revitalise hair follicles and cause natural hair growth.


  • PRP Treatment (Injectables)
  • PRF Treatment
  • Permanent Hair Imitation/Camouflage
  • PRP Treatment (Skin Needling)
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Additional Pampering Treatments

Hair Removal treatments

Treat yourself with our pampering treatments! Everybody deserves to look and feel their best. Click through to view more information on our various pampering treatments.


  • Ladies & Men's Manicure + Pedicure
  • Waxing Treatments
  • Ladies & Men's Laser Hair Removal
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Natural Eyelash Lift & Perm
  • Lash & Brow Tint
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