Anti-Aging Treatments

Our continiuosly improved anti-aging technology ensures we are always providing the best possible treatments. Keeping you looking naturally younger!


Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments

Heard about our PRP Treatment? A revolutionary treatment that is effective for combating wrinkles + the signs of aging, hair loss & a variety of skin conditions.


Permanent Make-up

All permanent makeup procedures done by our master phibrow artist. Eyes, Lips & Brows.


Combining Science & Art

Are you looking the best you can? We have the solution to your problem.

Welcome to Opera Medical Aesthetics

Aesthetic medicine has become an intensely researched and highly sophisticated science. Many new products and treatments are released every year. At Opera, our goal is to use these to achieve a natural, vibrant and a more confident looking you!
Exposure to the sun, the stresses of modern living accelerate the ageing process leaving one looking and feeling tired and worn out. In addition, being overweight has many psychological and medical implications.
Together, these factors often have a negative impact on how we feel about ourselves and how confidently we interact with others, in both a personal and professional capacity. The benefit of science is that it clarifies what works, what doesn’t and why. Art on the other hand helps us to apply science in a visual context.
By combining science and art, our aesthetic team will evaluate your requirements and tailor a program to suite your needs.


We have been issued an Essential Services Certificate for all our Medical & Wellness Products and for Emergency Medical Procedures.


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SATURDAY : 10H00 – 13H00

Contact us for more information: Cell: 076 152 0695 or Kobie: 083 303 0124


Opera will continue, as always to:

  • Protect you with the best hygiene and sanitising standards possible.
    We are taking every precaution.
  • Offer you the highest personal care.
  • Give you our best advice & support to protect your overall health and well-being.
  • Make you our NUMBER ONE priority.
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Experience & Expert Advice

At Opera we have highly skilled and experienced doctors & skin specialists to ensure you get the best possible advice & treatment needed!

Latest Treatments & Products

As science progresses, more & more treatments are being released. At Opera we keep up to date with the latest treatments and products in the industry.

Skin Treatment

The Power Of Art & Science

Having a balance between art & science allows us to apply effective treatments that produce results for a more beautiful you!

Wide Range Of Services

We keep a wide range of services at your convienience. We understand beauty is not a one way treatment, therefore we have different options for different people.

Need Professional Advice?

Give us a call & speak to one of our experienced staff members.

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Medical Services

We provide a full medical cosmetic service. Visit our treatments page for more information.

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Permanent Make-up

Comprehensive permanent makeup solutions & corrective procedures done by our own phibrow master.

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What We Do

We Offer Solutions For Women & Men Seeking To Look & Feel The Best They Can!

We keep a wide range of services at your convienience. We understand beauty is not a one way treatment, therefore we have
different options for different people & different treatments that work better on some then others. If you are not sure which treatment or product would be best, please dont hesistate to contact us.

Anti-Aging Treatments

Anti-Aging Solutions

Revitalise dull skin, target wrinkles and other signs of aging with our latest in anti-aging treatments. We provide a variety of treatments to suit your specific needs.

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Skin pigmentation solutions

Skin Pigmentation Solutions

Effective treatments for reducing and removing the appearance of irregular skin pigmentation disorders such as age spots, skin discolouration, sun spots and hyperpigmentation.

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Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Acne Control Solutions

Get expert advice and treatments for acne control and acne scarring problems. Dealing with acne can be difficult and depending on the severity, best results come from combining effective treatments.

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Weight Loss Treatment

Weight Loss & Body Contouring Solutions

Our weight loss programs are doctor driven and highly effective. We also provide cosmetic surgery options and supplements to help get the desired result.

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Permanent Make-up

Permanent Makeup

Shape and fill thinning eyebrows or get that perfect eyeliner & lipliner done. Our experienced permanent makeup artist works closely with clients to ensure the best possible result that enhances the beautiful natural features of your face.

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Medical Cosmetic Treatments

Medical Cosmetic Treatments

We keep a wide range of cosmetic medical treatments that are performed by our experienced and certified doctors. Contact us for specific information.

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Chemical Peel Treatments

Chemical Peel Treatments

Tighten, renew & improve the overall appearance of your skin with our range of medical chemical peel treatments. Skin analysis is available using the Vizio machine to ensure you get the best peel for your skin type.

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Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss treatments are advancing and so is the science behind them. We have a variety of hair loss treatments to help with rejuvenating the hair follicles and promoting hair growth.

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Hair Removal Treatments

Additional Pampering Treatments

Additional pampering treatments for those who want to look and feel their best every day! Whether its nails, hair removal, eyelash extensions or simply tinting and shading your lash and brow for that special occasion. We have a variety of pampering treatments to suit your needs.

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At Opera Aesthetic, we carry a wide range of beauty and weight loss products to suit your needs in-store. Please contact us for more information on stock availability and information on products.

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