Dull Skin

What is dull skin?

Dull skin is a very common skincare complaint and refers to the skin’s lack of radiance and glow. When people talk about dull skin tone, they also tend to relate issues like uneven skin tone and uneven skin textures with it.

Preventing dull skin can be difficult and usually comes down to avoiding things like smoking and drinking alcohol. Eating nutrient-rich foods and drinking a lot of water can help prevent age-related dull skin.

Treatment Options For Dull Skin

If you are not sure or would like some advice on which treatment will provide the best solution. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma

Also known as the “Vampire Facial”, this treatment is great for naturally increasing the growth factors in your skin and enhancing the skin cells ability to regenerate and renew itself. Improve the overall condition of your skin for tighter, more radiant and youthful skin.

Derma Pen (Skin Needling)

Derma Pen (Skin Needling) is a fantastic treatment for restoring & reviving dull and uneven tone skin. This treatment promotes the increased production of collagen and elastin present in the skin, resulting in a more youthful and radiant skin appearance.

Medical Chemical Peels

Medical chemical peels are perfect for livening up and rejuvenating dull skin. Get your radiance and glow back with our range of medical chemical peels.

Home Treatments

  • Retinol
  • Vitamin C Rich Supplements & Food