Facial Imaging Analysis

Facial Imaging Analysis

Facial Imaging is a tremendous way to advise skin care needs, detect problem areas and track changes.At Opera Aesthetic Practice we have one of the worlds best facial imaging devices – VisioFace 1000D

Full Face Photographs Are Taken And Various Analysis Can Be Done, Such As:

  • Spots or pigmentation areas to show colour variations
  • Presence of wrinkles and wrinkles depth
  • Visualisation of sun damage and skin aging with UV like images

Imaging can also be used to take photos of hands, to show pigmentation and sun damage.

It is good to be able to track changes and improvement. It allows the Therapist to better guide you with advice on treatments and products as well as any changes needed.

Seeing images of the ‘famous’ before and after, you may feel more secure with the products and treatments.

Facial Skin Analysis Machine
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